Embassy of Bitcoin

Embassy Bitcoin - It is an information and educational center.

What bitkoin? How does block chain? Where and how buy or sell cryptocurrency? What mining (Mining)? How to safely work with bitcoin wallet (Bitcoin wallet)?

On this type of questions are answered by a team Embassy of Bitcoin.

The primary objective - inform, educate and assist in the use of Bitcoin and related crypto technologies.

Who will plunge into the world of crypto-investment and technologies based on blockchain can sign up for a workshop from the following link or to study the material.

For users who already understand what is Bitcoin and how the processes in the system, Embassy of experts organized seminars on security and the scope of the Bitcoins in business. course bitkoina, how to buy or sell Bitcoin, how to convert Bitcoins to dollars, how to protect yourself from fraud, all these and many other aspects affecting seminar. You can sign up from the following link.